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Water Quality

Water Qality

DOWASCO has a total of 44 Water System Areas that provide water to over 95% of Dominica. Caretakers are assigned to take care of the water systems and report any problems that may affect the quality of our service.

The Environmental Health Department monitors the quality of water provided by DOWASCO.

Caribbean Environmental Health Institute has also issued a certificate of validation to DOWASCO for potable water.

Every customer plays a part by keeping our rivers free of garbage and chemical contamination and contributes to a constant supply of water by not indiscriminately cutting the trees along the banks of the rivers.


The addition of Chlorine to water is the most common form of disinfection practiced by DOWASCO today.The process is a safe, practical and effective way to destroy disease-causing organism in water.

Chlorine is available in three different forms:
  • Gaseous - Chlorine cylinders
  • Liquid - Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach)
  • Solid - Calcium Hypochlorite (Chlorine powder tablet)