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DOWASCO's  estimated current water production capacity is 9 million imperial gallons per day, from 44 different sources. The largest single source, serving the urban area of Roseau and a number of nearby communities, has a capacity of 3 million gallons per day. The other 43 systems serve rural communities. All the existing water systems utilize rivers, streams or springs as source. With the exception of 4 systems, which rely entirely on ram pumps or electrical pumps for the supply of water, all the water systems are gravity operated. Three of these gravity-operated systems utilize booster pumps to distribute water to sections of villages, which are too high to be fed by gravity.


Most of the systems typically consist of an intake structure, a gravity fed supply line to a storage tank, typically 12000 to 15000 gallon-reinforced structures and gravity fed distribution pipelines. Chlorination occurs at the storage tank.


DOWASCO estimates that 90% of the population of Dominica have access to drinking water from its water systems.