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Meter Reading


Currently, all of DOWASCO's metered customers use one of two types of meters. One meter records consumption in Imperial gallons, while the other records in cubic meters. One cubic meter is equal to 220 imperial gallons.



Description: Meter


Description: Meter


Imperial Gallons Meter


Cubic Meter

You can identify which meter your property is fitted with by looking at the face of the meter. If your meter has m3 it means you have a cubic meter, otherwise, your meter will show imp. gallons to indicate that you are using a meter which records in imperial gallons.

All of DOWASCO's bills show consumption in gallons so you can take control of your bill, by observing your consumption during the month. It is important therefore that you know how to read and calculate your charges.

In order to calculate your consumption at any time during a month, you will need:

  • Your bill of the previous month. There, you will see the present reading
  • To know the type of meter connected to your property
  • Your current reading


Imperial (Imp) Gallons Meters

Description: Meter ReaderHow to read your meter - Imp Gallons meter shows the registration of the meter.

There are three main features to observe on your meter:

  • The face of your meter is like a clock starting with zero at the top moving clockwise up to 9. These numbers represent zero to 9 gallons.
  • The red pointer - The pointer on this meter rotates as water is consumed. When the pointer makes a complete revolution it shows that ten (10) gallons of water have been used. Upon a complete revolution the second digit from right in the rectangular slot changes.
  • The seven digit number- This is the reading which will now be 'current reading' needed to calculate the consumption. The reading is taken from left to right. The very last digit will be replaced by the number on which the red indicator is pointing.

The zero (0) at the right in rectangular slot is fixed/stationary. This digit represents the red point which can be taken instead of the figure at the red pointer.

How to calculate your consumption

The amount of water you have consumed from the last time your meter was read as indicated on the last bill of the previous month will be as follows:

The reading on your meter (your reading) - Present Reading on the previous bill = Water consumed.

Therefore consumption calculated as follows:-


Your Read


Previous Read





Please note that your reading must always be higher than the previous reading. If your reading is lower and you are certain that you have taken the reading correctly, please report the matter to our office immediately.

M3 Cubic Meters

M3 (Cubic Meter) - registers the water consumption in litres.

The red pointer on the meter rotates as water is consumed. When the pointer makes a complete revolution it shows that 0.010 cubic meters or 10 liters of water have been used. On complete revolution the digit in the darker area of the rectangular slot changes.

The digit in the darker area in the slot represents the pointer which can be taken instead of the figure at the pointer.

How to read the meter

How to calculate your bill

Using the consumption of 1220 gallons your charges can be calculated as follows:

There is a charge of $21.62 on the first 1000 gallons and a charge of $10.12 (for domestic customers) per additional 1000 gallons.

1220 - 1000 = 220 additional gallons

( 220 gal. x $10.12 ) / 1000 gal. = $2.23

Add the monthly service charge of $21.62 to $2.23 and your bill will be $23.85