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Guidelines for Developers


The Water and Sewerage Act Chapter 43 Section 40 of 1989 gave the Dominica Water and Sewerage Company Limited (DOWASCO) the exclusive license for the development and control of water and sewerage services and we have been doing just that for a number of years.

Our services are available to over 90% of the island and it is yours just for the asking. Whether you are a major developer or a single home owner, we are here to partner with you to help you realize your dream of a comfortable home.



We recommend that discussions be held with DOWASCO on water supply and sewerage services options, before finalizing subdivision plans. Copy of your plan indicating the size, number of lots, location and elevation must be submitted to the Physical Planning Division, who will forward a copy to DOWASCO for review. Your plan must meet the basic standards and specifications recommended by DOWASCO.

Here are some points for consideration:

  • Elevation/topography of site.
  • The size of mains and pipelines used.
  • The types of materials used.
  • The location of hydrants, valves and washouts etc.
  • Workmanship (depth of trench, bedding, pipe laying styles etc).


With proper planning, future homeowners will be assured trouble-free water supply and sewerage services in their new homes. If you are interested in further details, copies of the specification and standards are available at our main office on High Street.
A small fee is charged for copying the manual.


DOWASCO and the Home Owner

If you are a home owner or a potential home owner, we can also give advice to you through your architect and contractor. Your architect and contractor must ensure that the right type of pipe is used when constructing your house.


DOWASCO cares about you,, so we encourage you to build wisely and think of cost saving measures. For example:


  • Purchase toilets, which use minimum water per flush (talk to your supplier for details).
  • Upon construction, locate valves in an easily accessible area so you could control the flow to avoid wastage and also during emergencies.
  • Take an active part during the construction of your building in order to ensure that good quality plumbing materials are used.
  • Ensure that tests are done upon completion.


DOWASCO is willing to work with you from the commencement to completion of construction. But in order to do so, we need your help so that we could assist you in enjoying the comfort of your home. Remember, upon the commencement of construction, you must apply for connection, whether you are in a development area or an existing village community. For property owners in the sewered areas, application for water and sewerage connection can be done simultaneously. Application forms are available at our three (3) offices namely Portsmouth, Laplaine and Roseau.


During construction you will be billed at a Commercial rate. You must inform DOWASCO of completion so that the rate may be changed from Commercial to Domestic if applicable.

Be Proactive! Seek Advice! Be informed! Talk to Us!!!

You will be certain to reap fruitful rewards from your investment.