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Billing & Collection

We bill our customers on a monthly basis and make every effort to ensure your bills are sent to you. However, if you do not receive a bill, you may call or visit our Customer Service Department to request your account balance. Non receipt of a bill does not relieve you of your responsibility to pay your bill.


Bill Payments - DOWASCO Head Office
Bills are due for payment, on or before 30 days from the bill date. If the bill is unpaid after that period, your service is liable to be disconnected. Service will only be restored upon payment in full of the outstanding amount and a reconnection fee. We do not guarantee reconnection of service in less than 48 hours. Please avoid the inconvenience of a disconnection by paying your bills on time.


If you are experiencing any difficulties with making payments, you may come in to see our Credit Control staff to discuss payment arrangements. Please ensure you keep to the arrangements made for payment of your account. Failure to keep the arrangements will result in disconnection of your service.


Contact the Customer Service Department if you have any questions.


There are number of locations islandwide where you can pay your water bill.

click for the location near you