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Canefield to St. Joseph Water Supply Project

The Government of Dominica has invested close to five million dollars to undertake a pipeline replacement project to serve resident between Canfield and St. Joseph.

Over seven miles of ductile iron pipes were laid during the eight month long project.

The newly laid pipeline replaces a section of the supply network of the Water Area One system. This pipeline was laid in the early 1970’s and had become susceptible to leakage due to aging and therefore had to be replaced.

The project was implemented by DOWASCO.

Four main crews were engaged to undertake the works including private contractors and workers. A number of private owners and operators of heavy equipment were also engaged on the project.  

The project was commissioned in February 2012 and is expected to provide a much improved and reliable service to residents for several decades. 

This project did not form part of the more extensive West Coast water supply project which was undertaken simultaneously and funded by the European Union and the Government of Dominica.

Transfers from the old distribution lines to the newly laid lines are now ongoing. 

This project proved to be very challenging in the Mahaut and Massacre areas. In an effort to minimize disruptions to traffic some trenching a pipe works were done at nights. DOWASCO expresses appreciation to the general public for their patience during the pipe laying works.



Giraudel, Eggleston & Castle Comfort Water supply Project


Signing Ceremony for GECC and WWCT water projects
This project was funded by DOWASCO with a loan from the National Bank of Dominica and Company funds. A labour contract was issued to Robinsons, John and Shillingford while materials were supplied by DOWASCO. The project commenced in March 2005 and was completed in June 2007. The overall project cost was EC$5.6 million.

The project scope included the construction of an intake on River Claire, a Pump House and Generator Shed, Installation of 2 Pumps and 2 Diesel Generators 175 kw each; supply lines from the Intake to the existing Giraudel Tank comprising 7,000 ft of 6 inch and 8 inch DI pipe and 5,000 ft of 6 inch PVC pipe; Giraudel tank improvements including 10 ft tall concrete partition;    distribution lines and service connections in Giraudel and Eggleston and to Upper Castle Comfort consisting of 13,200 ft of 4 inch PVC and 10,000 ft of 2 inch HDPE pipe; construction of 30,000 gal storage tank in Castle Comfort and supply line from the WA1 System to the tank comprising 3,750 ft of 4 inch DI pipe. The system was ceremonially opened on the 1st of August 2007.

Giraudel Intake
The communities of Giraudel, Eggleston and Upper Castle Comfort now have a reliable water supply which will greatly enhance the lives of the residents as well as development in these communities.

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