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Morne Bruce Storage Tank

The construction of the five hundred thousand gallon water storage tank at Morne Bruce is nearing completion with an estimated completion date now set for the end of April 2012.

The four million dollar project which was funded by the government of Dominica is expected to improve the water supply system for the city of Roseau and environs as well as to provide water for the Windsor Park Sports Stadium and a supply for the sale of bulk water to cruise ships.  The Contractor ACE engineering has been working on the project for the past year. 

Chief Engineer at DOWASCO, Magnus Williams says “on completion of the major construction works on the storage tank, a process of testing will to be undertaken to ensure that the tank is water tight. The process also includes activities to flush and disinfect the pipelines.” Mr. Williams says this process will be undertaken within a few weeks before the facility is put into full use. 

In a recent update Mr. Williams says all concrete works for the Morne Bruce Storage tank have been completed. Landscaping and fencing at the site is being undertaken as well as most of the pipe works.

Some three hundred and fifty feet of pipes have been laid along the Morne Bruce main road bringing the construction phase of the project to a close in mid April. 

The final activity being undertaken before the tank is put to use involves disinfection and testing.

New Frayale Water Supply

Residents of the small south eastern Community of Frayale could soon benefit from a dedicated supply of potable water from DOWASCO.

The community of just over one hundred residents presently obtains its water supply from a small system which was constructed by the residents over forty years ago. Residents have also complained that they have experienced prolonged water shortages since there is little or no maintenance to the present system serving the community. 

It is expected that a supply line from the Riviere Cyrique system will be tapped to provide a more reliable supply of potable water to the residents. 

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