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The Antrim Fitration Plant and Pipeline Replacement Project

Antrim Filtration Plant

This project was implemented from October 2010 to the end of May 2011 with funds provided by the Government of Dominica to the tune of EC$3.1 million. 

The first component of the project comprised the replacement of a section of the 12 inch ductile iron supply line along the Springfield to Antrim main road measuring about 1000 ft with three parallel lengths of flexible 8 inch HDPE pipe. This was required due to frequent breakage of the rigid ductile iron pipe due to ongoing land slippage in the area. The new pipes are able to move freely with the moving ground and have remained intact since the completion of the project despite continued land slippage.  

 The second component of the project comprised the installation of a filtration system for the WA-1 system at Antrim and the construction of a building for the housing of the plant. Considerable preparatory works including rock blasting and excavation were required prior to the construction of the building. 

The filtration plant receives raw water from the Springfield intake and filters the water through three stages before discharging to the Antrim Sedimentation tank, which was converted to a storage tank under the project.  The plant operation, including cleaning sequence, is fully automated.