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West Coast Water Supply Project

The Government of Dominica has secured funding to the tune of twenty-one million dollars from the European Union to undertake a major project to significantly improve the water supply to residents along the west coast of Dominica. The Government itself is also investing a further four million dollars in the project, bringing the total cost to twenty-five million dollars EC.

The improved water system will provide potable water to residents from Salisbury to Capuchin.

The project which commenced in October 2011 will consolidate nine independent water systems into one network. This will include the laying of twenty-miles of ductile iron pipes along the main road leading from Salisbury to Capuchin as well as the construction of two intakes, one on the Coulibistrie River and another on the Picard River. The project will also include the construction of two water treatment plants and the construction of nine new storage tanks.

The West Coast Water supply project has been separated into three lots to facilitate the tendering process.

Lot One will see the construction of both intakes and treatment plants as well as the construction of the necessary access roads and the laying of the main supply pipelines from each treatment plant down to the west coast main road.

The contract for the undertaking of Lot One of the project was officially signed during a shot ceremony which took place in Portsmouth towards the end of March 2012.

Local construction firm ACE Engineering was awarded the contract and will soon mobilize for the commencement of works

Lot Two includes the laying of 20 miles of pipelines along the west coast main road from Salisbury to Capuchin.

Pipe laying works have been completed along most of the highway between Salisbury to Portsmouth while excavations and pipe laying works commenced from the Cabrits junction towards Capuchin in February 2012 and are expected to continue until June 2012. So far over 20 Km of pipelines have been laid.

Lot Three will see the construction of the nine new storage tanks and associated pipe works.

This lot will be funded by the Government of Dominica.

A Project Management Unit office has been established and comprises representatives of all the agencies involved in managing the project. The office is located at the LIME building in the town of Portsmouth.

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