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Community Outreach

DOWASCO is dedicated to enriching the lives of Dominicans by reaching out to the communities we serve through public service initiatives.

We help brighten the lives of our elderly citizens through the provision of free water for centenarians.

In many communities around Dominica, there are individuals who do not have potable water in their homes, therefore we make it possible for such individuals to have access to water by providing water free of charge to public conveniences. The communities of Silver Lake, Capuchin and the City of Roseau are the latest recipients of free water for their public convenience.

DOWASCO also makes financial and in-kind donations to local organizations and non-profit groups in support of programs that fit within DOWASCO's corporate objectives.

DOWASCO awarded two scholarships to students who wrote the 2007 Grade Six National Assessment. The 2007 recipients were Challen Deravallier of Castle Comfort and Devron Christopher of Geneva Grand Bay while the 2008 recipients are.The scholarships will be for five (5) years  and based on satisfactory academic performance. We wish the students well in their studies and hope that they will make DOWASCO proud. Challen attends the Dominica Grammer School and Devron the Dominica Commmunity High School.

Challen Deravallier and Devron Christopher

DOWASCO has contributed in the following areas -

  • Sponsorship of sport teams
  • Sponsorship of carnival queens
  • Charitable Donations
  • Donations to Grotto Home